2008 Pro Tour of Nature Photography

$160,000 in prizes have been awarded by Image for Conservation Fund to Nature Photo Contest Winners.  The photo contest paired 20 landowners from the Coastal Bend Region of Texas with 20 professional photographers.  During the month of April  20 teams each of one photographer worked on one ranch capturing images with the goal of establishing exciting nature photography destinations while generating income for the private landowners who lease land to improve rural economies and conserve natural wildlife habitats.  The first prize of $51,000 was split between photographer Rolf Nussbaumer of New Braunfels and Fennessey Ranch in Refugio County.  Additional cash prizes were awarded through 10th place with the first top 100 images receiving a $500 prize.  ICF is a Texas based non profit organization dedicated to the creation of a sustainable, self-funded wildlife conservation industry based upon nature photography tourism.  

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