Abilene State Park Tuscola, Texas

Abilene State Park sits along Elm Creek tucked into beautiful groves of oak, elm and pecan trees.  Just 16 miles south west of Abilene, Texas and approximately 200 miles west of the Dallas/Fort Worth area you will pass through the historic town of Buffalo Gap, an early frontier settlement to reach the park.  Abilene State park is known for the summertime fun to be enjoyed here.  An olympic-size swimming pool is open from Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day from 11A.M.-7P.M. Thursday through Sunday.  A wading pool for the kiddies, a playground and a game area for horseshoes, volleyball, basketball and more keep all ages busy and happy.  A pleasant 1 1/2 mile self-guided nature trail passes the stocked one acre Buffalo Wallow Pond where all you need is a pole and line to snag a sunfish, bass or channel cat.  The park is proud of the addition of 3 yurts, described as enhanced shelters.  They are clean and fresh looking structures decked out with bunk beds, a fold out sofa, microwave and small fridge, set well apart for privacy and graced with shade trees as most of the sites in this park are.  There are also 8 screened shelters.  Abilene State Park has three full-hook up sites (#85, #87,#89) 41 water and electric sites and 12 water only sites.  We started out in site #89.  The sewer connection was at the rear of our backed-in travel trailer forcing our sewer hose to run up-hill.  We moved to site #85 with the connections in the proper location.  We liked #85. (no neighbors off to one side)  We attracted hummingbirds immediately after hanging our feeder in the nearby tree, cardinals flew in and out and we were able to observe white tail deer wandering through.  As we explored the park we did notice several very high grass areas that would be habitat for ticks and chiggers.  Upon inquiry from the ranger we learned that 2 new buffalo have been acquired (the old herd died off) and 4 Texas Longhorn belong to the park however they are pastured outside the park on adjacent Federal Land.  If you want to view them inquire at headquarters as to their location.  Note:  If you are camping in an RV and need to use the dump station we recommend you use the one located in the Wagon Circle Area as the access is easier than the station in the main campground.

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  1. JJ Loch says:

    Abilene State Park sounds lovely! You are the first camper I have heard of who hangs a hummingbird feeder. How special!!! I have to tell my MIL about this. She’ll love that you do this too.

    JJ 😀

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