Back Country Camping Petrified Forest National Park

Back Country Camping  Petrified Forest National Park 

There are no campgrounds in Petrified Forest National Park.  If you want to camp in the back country wilderness you must obtain a free permit (for up to 14 days) at Painted Desert Visitor Center, Painted Desert Inn or Rainbow Forest Museum at least one hour before the park closes.  At the north side of the park the entrance to the 43,000 acres of wilderness area is at Kachina Point adjacent to the Painted Desert Inn.  300 ft of steep switch back trail will take you to the desert floor.  You may set up camp once you have crossed the Lithodendrom Wash approximately one mile in a westerly direction.   On the south side of the park the wilderness area is located at mile marker 24 known as The Flats.  Head west into the 7,000 acres for at least one mile before you set up camp.  You must pack in everything you need and pack it all out.  There is no water in the wilderness areas.  Carry all the water you will need.  Recommended is one gallon per person per day.

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