Bobcat in Cedar Hill State Park, Cedar Hill Texas

A small (approximately 30 pounds) female bobcat was sighted at Cedar Hill State Park in Cedar Hill, Texas on Saturday December 5th, 2009.  It was running in the marina area and knew exactly how to conceal itself underneath the marina building.  Animal control with assistance of park staff tranquilized the animal and captured it for re-location to the Fort Worth Nature Preserve in Fort Worth, Texas.

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2 Responses to Bobcat in Cedar Hill State Park, Cedar Hill Texas

  1. Justin says:

    Um…. why? There are lots of bobcats in cedar hill state park. Several cougar sightings, too. Why would they need to be relocated, when that area is perfect for them?

  2. joanie7 says:

    Thanks for your comment Justin. I agree there are lots of bobcats and at times cougar sightings at Cedar Hill State Park. The reason for the re-location of this bobcat was because she was tunneling under the marina towards one particular boat that had attracted her. She wouldn’t leave that particular area and kept repeating the same behavior. In fear of her being injured she was safely moved out of the area.

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