Catch number 500 in the Texas ShareLunker Program and make Big Bucks

Texas Parks and Wildlife has announced that the race to catch the 500th Toyota ShareLunker is on, and if you are the lucky angler the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation will pay out $500 per pound to you!  ShareLunker number 490 was just caught at Lake Casa Blanca, near Laredo, Texas on March 24th starting the countdown to #500.  It was caught in 8-10 feet of water with a seven-inch junebug Power Bait worm, setting a new record for Lake Casa Blanca at 14.79 pounds.  You will need a Texas fishing license to try and snag the big one unless you are fishing from the banks of a Texas State Park where the license requirement is waived.

Gather your gear and head out for some fishing and a chance to make the big bucks!

Go to for all the official rules.

A qualifying “Lunker” is a largemouth bass that is alive, weighs 13 pounds or more and is caught by April 30th, 2010.

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