You should have certain legal documents with you while you are away from home working at your National Park or other volunteer job.  The most important of these is your official valid form of identification.  This would be in the form of a current driver’s license, United States passport or official state issued ID.  You should have copies of your insurance policies (or policy numbers) including health, life, auto and boat or RV if applicable. Write down contact phone numbers for your bank and other financial institutions as well as your insurance agent.  Optional would be a copy of your social security card and birth certificate.  Keep all of these documents in a single location secured in a small lock box or heavy duty waterproof zip pouch.   Don’t forget your check book.  If you will be receiving a stipend often the only form of payment to you is direct deposit into your checking account.  And finally an accurate list of computer passwords you personally use on your Mac or PC.

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