Easy Day Hikes in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

If you only have a few hours in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and would like to enjoy a few short easy hikes there are several to choose from.

  1.  The Agua Tierra Loop Trail is a nature trail beginning at the Lake Powell Resort Lodge.  Ask for a free guide at the Wahweap Ranger Station or the Carl Hayden Visitor Center.  This is an easy fun and informative nature walk for the whole family.  The 11 stops in 0.6 mile (1 km) explore the relationship of Agua-Tierra (Water-Earth) illustrating the effects of water and erosion.
  2. Another great hike is The Hanging Garden Hike.  The free hiking guide describes the Hanging Garden Hike like this “leads you to a luxuriant Hanging Garden: A desert oasis on the mesa top high above the Colorado River and Lake Powell.”  Request the guide at Carl Hayden Visitor Center 1/4 mile from the trailhead.  Once you have the guide head east, cross the Glen Canyon Bridge on Hwy 89.  A left turn will access the parking area.  This is a one mile (1.6 km) round trip fairly easy enjoyable hike.
  3.  Next get back on Hwy 89 heading towards Page. The Glen Canyon Dam Overlook is located on Scenic View Drive off Hwy 89 approximately 2 miles South of the dam.  Again there is a free viewing guide available.  Spend 10 minutes walking downhill, there are some stone steps and a partial handrail leading to a viewpoint allowing a long view of the Glen Canyon Bridge and the Glen Canyon Dam.  Watch your step as you climb the rocks for a vantage point looking directly down at the green moving waters of the Colorado River.
  4. Once back on Hwy 89 continue heading south approximately 5 miles to highway marker 545.  Access to the parking area will be on your right hand side (west)  This is the Horseshoe Bend trail, a 1.5 mile roundtrip slug through soft sand to a spectacular view point 1,000 feet high above the Colorado River.  This 270 degree turn or bend in the Colorado River is one of the most photographed by day trippers.  Use caution approaching the soft sandstone edge and keep a sharp eye on your children as there are no guard rails.
  5.  Your final choice may be the Rimview Trail maintained by the City of Page.  You may hike or bike (no motorized vehicles of any type) the 8 mile trail circling the city offering scenic lookouts along the way.  Depending on your level of experience and how many times you stop to enjoy the view bikers may spend 1-3 hours total on the trail.
  6.  Now if you want to enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area but do not feel like hiking at all head back up Highway 89 North past Page.  A short drive past the dam will take you to the Wahweap Scenic Overlook.  Have your camera ready to capture this sweeping view of Lake Powell.  Parking is easy even if you drive up in your RV and there are shade shelters for your comfort.
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