Fairfield Lake State Park, Fairfield Texas

In the little town of Fairfield, Texas lies one of the best fishing lakes in the state of Texas, Fairfield Lake.

We visited the 1,460 acre state park located on the banks of the 2,400 acre lake on our most recent day trip.  Located midway between Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston it made a fine destination for a day of exploring and participating in our newest past time, hunting geocaches.

2013.03.14_FairfieldLakeStatePark_09The geocache challenge was first on our agenda.  Fairfield Lake State Park has two geocaches hidden in the trees.  For the first we parked at the day use area and discovered the old ammo box holding the treasures within minutes.  We signed the log book, exchanged one keepsake for another and moved on to the second cache.  For this one we parked at the turn out for the birdwatching trail and followed the path as it looped around close to the lake.  This second cache yielded a very beautiful trackable geo coin named Celtic Snowflake.  This one we picked up, logged on geocaching.com and will move on next week.  In exchange we left a trackable that we had retrieved from Bonham Lake State Park last week.

2013.03.14_FairfieldLakeStatePark_07Lunch was next at the spacious day use area.  Picnic tables are scattered throughout a pretty park fronting the swimming beach.  We watched as a couple of young teenagers dove into the warm water kept that way all year round by the electrical power plant sitting on the far bank. The warm waters also mean fantastic fishing especially November through February.  2013.03.14_FairfieldLakeStatePark_01The lake is stock with red drum (redfish) and holds a state record for a 36.83 pound, 44-inch, inland red drum.  Before we headed back to Dallas we took a short drive further into the park to check out the camping area.  Campsites come in all sizes and vary in suitability.  Most are fine for tent, pop-ups and smaller trailers.  Only a few will accommodate larger RV’S and even then it would be a tight fit.  Fishing tournaments are held every weekend during the winter months.  Some sites are lakeside camping.  Most of these campers had their boats pulled around in front.  Walk in primitive camping sites are offered in another area of the park.  Fairfield Lake is a large, spread-out park, much loved by fishermen and bird watchers.  Bald eagles are sighted in the winter months while osprey are here year round.

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