International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

More than 60 exotic animals , including big cats and bears live in their natural habitats at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Rhome, Texas.  Gather the family together and head out to Wise County for a special adventure.  Tours generally take about an hour and are led along a 6/10 of a mile gravel path winding around the habitats of 58 felines including bobcats, cougars, jaguars, leopards, lions and 8 rare white tigers.  You will be able to observe these magnificent cats enjoying a wonderful quality of life even though they are in captivity.  These rescued animals were formerly abused and neglected however have regained trust and are now living comfortably and well cared for.

This year 13 bears were rescued and taken into the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary including 4 European Grizzly’s and 3 sibling bears from Wyoming.  They may be viewed by touring around the two five-acre tracts resembling their natural environment.

Tours are available to the public at 11AM most weekdays as well as twice a day on weekends.  You may call or visit their website to set up your reservation.  The donation fee is $20 per person for the tour.  School groups and other children’s groups may visit at a discounted donation rate of $5 per child.  The International Exotic Animal Sanctuary is known as one of the best kept secrets in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Please note that children under seven years of age are not permitted on the tours and that visitors will not be allowed to leave their pets in their vehicles.

The International Exotic Animal Sanctuary is located in Wise County.  It is in Rhome, Texas which is near Boyd, Texas.  940-433-5091

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