Less Common Ailments to be taken Seriously

HYPOTHERMIA occurs in it’s first stage when the body temperature drops from 1.8 to 3.6 degrees farenheit.  Characterized by shivering, you must raise your core temperature quickly by close body contact with others and sipping warm drinks.  Avoid hypothermia by wearing proper clothing. Moisture wicking synthetics in warmer weather and wool in cooler weather are best.  Always wear a hat since 40% of heat loss is through the head. FROST BITE may occur in extreme cold conditions.  The blood vessels close to the skin will constrict or narrow sending more blood to the heart in an attempt to protect the core.  If immediate medical attention is not available immerse the affected area in warm water and seek help as soon as possible.  Your focus should be on prevention.  Choose wind and waterproof clothing and dress in layers.  Hat and gloves are absolutely necessary.

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