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Lone Rock Beach is located in Kane County Utah just across the Arizona border.  It is inside Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and operated by the National Park Service.  Known as a party beach, that reputation is based partly on the fact that Hugh Hefner shows up on occasion, playboy bunnies in tow, launching the party of the summer from his houseboat anchored off the beach in Wahweap Bay.  He listed Lone Rock Beach as one of the best party beaches in the United States in an issue of Playboy Magazine.  Hef and the bunnies may not be there when you are but a lot of partying still goes on, mostly on the south side of the beach.  If you are looking for a quieter more family oriented experience try to find a spot on the northern side of the beach.  Camping here is primitive on the beach or in the dunes with no designated camping spots.  First come first serve is the order of the day.  Summer weekends especially the holiday weekends can bring people, kids, their dogs, boats and ATV’s in record numbers.  National Park entry fee must be paid as well as per night camping fees and vessel use fee if you bring your boat  The camping fee as of February 2008 is $12 nightly.  Your Golden Age/Access card does apply here for 50% discount on camping.  The camping limit is 14 days at one time or not more than 30 days maximum per year.  Four micro flush toilets, six vault toilets, one comfort station (toilets and sinks) and an outdoor cold shower, an Off Road Vehicle area, dump station and potable water (seasonal) are available for your use.  You must carry your own portable toilet if toilets are not available within 200 yards of your campsite.  (toilets may not be the plastic disposable bag type)  The National Park Service regularly patrols the beach and surrounding area.  Know the rules and follow them to avoid warnings or fines.  Here are some things you CAN and CANNOT do at Lone Rock Beach in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  You CAN camp anywhere along the shoreline of Lake Powell.  If RV camping you CANNOT dump your waste water on the beach.  There is a stiff fine for this.  Use the dump station.  You CAN keep your boat anchored in the water in front of your campsite.  You CANNOT navigate at anything but no wake speed in the beach area.  You CAN use your Jet Ski right from the beach in front of your campsite or run up to Big Water two miles to the North and rent one.  You CANNOT operate a Jet Ski in Utah if you are between the ages of 12-17 unless you take a boating education course.  In Arizona children under 12 years of age are prohibited from operating a jet ski.  You are almost on the state line so you will undoubtedly be operating in both states.  Go to stateparks.utah.gov/boating and www.azgfd.gov/pdfs/outdoor recreation/boatinglaws for more information.  You CAN fish from the shore or from your boat.  You CANNOT fish without a fishing license from each state (Arizona and Utah) if you cross the state line.  Your children between the ages of 8 and 16 years old CAN operate your All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) on public land  in the designated off road area if they have been certified.  You CANNOT operate your ATV in the camping area at excessive speeds.  Go to www.ut.blm.gov/OHV/ohvinfo.html for more information.  You CANNOT shoot off fireworks from the beach and from your boat.  You CAN and will receive a fine and confiscation of the fireworks if you do.  You CAN have your dog with you.  You CANNOT allow your dog to defecate on or near the beach.  You must clean up after your animal.  You CAN and will receive a hefty fine if you do not.  You CAN have a lot of fun camping and playing in the water at Lone Rock Beach.  You CANNOT have fun if you do not respect the environment, the park rules and regulations and your fellow human beings.  Things you SHOULD do.  Pay attention when the ranger at the fee station directs you to the best beach access road.  Following these directions can save you a hefty tow bill when you get stuck in soft sand.  Observe “quiet time” from 10PM-6AM.  Things you SHOULD NOT do.  You should NOT bathe at the water spigot at the dump station while trailers and RV’s line up waiting to use it.  You SHOULD use the outdoor shower at the comfort station.  You should NOT wash and polish your boat at the dump station while others waiting to use the dump station line up behind you.  You SHOULD pull off to the side, there is plenty of room to do this and spit shine to your heart’s content.  You SHOULD make your camping fee payment using the automated machine at the gate station if the attendant is not on duty.  If the machine is not working come up in the morning to pay.  You should NOT try to sneak in and out of the gate when it is not manned.  The National Park Service Patrol will tail you down Hwy 89 as you leave.  They call it compliance.  Save yourself the trouble.  You should NOT attempt to walk the 12 miles into Page Arizona if you are stranded at Lone Rock Beach for any reason.  Walking that distance in the summer heat without water is dangerous and may be fatal.  If you wake up in the morning and find your group has left without you or you don’t know where you are and how you got here you SHOULD call the National Park Service patrol and they will help you out.  You SHOULD come out and have some summer fun at Lone Rock Beach in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  Be sure to bring your common sense with you and it will be a memorable experience.  Note:  As you play in and around Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Recreation Area take every precaution to keep yourself safe.  If the National Park Service deems a situation which requires medical evacuation they will call Classic Helicopter based out of Page Arizona.  This will be a very expensive ride.  For more information on the area around Lone Rock Beach browse my blog archives under Glen Canyon.  Tips include where to hike, where to eat with the locals and where to get on the internet.

Read Joan’s essay on Lone Rock Beach and Glen Canyon

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  1. Moyers Grove Campground says:

    That was a great post. I will have to bookmark this site so I can read more later.

  2. Thanks this was really useful.

  3. Tracy Ihnot says:

    Thank you, this is helpful. My husband and I (and our dog) are planning a camping trip to Lone Rock beach in October. Typically, we like quiet camping with few neighbors or noise. We will be there in the middle of the week, probably Tuesday-Friday. Do you have any thoughts/experience on how busy it might be that time of year? Thank you.

  4. joanie7 says:

    Hi Tracy; Lone Rock Beach usually quiets down after Labor Day. Keep in mind that you may set up camp anywhere in that area so if the actual shoreline looks too crowded for your taste just fall back into the dunes a bit for more privacy. It is dog friendly. Have a great time!

  5. Gwen says:

    Thanks for the information. Planing a trip in early August, and have a question about boat inspection and decontamination. When we arrive I understand that inspection and decontamination must be done. 1. How long does this process take? 2. can we launch from Lone Rock camping area or do we have to launch at the marina each day? 3. do we need to be inspected each time we launch? Thanks for any info to help.

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