Paint Rock Excursions Paint Rock, Texas

Indian Rock Art

Hundreds of Indian Pictographs are found along a half-mile stretch of a 70-foot cliff near the Concho River in Paint Rock, Texas.  Nomadic Native Americans painted some 1,500 pictographs overlooking a once widely-used Indian camp ground.  This is one of Texas’ major rock art sites on ranch land owned by the family that has protected the site since the 1870’s.  Most of the pictographs are red and black.  These drawings tell stories through animal and human figures and include a Spanish mission scene.  Most of the pictographs are thought to be 200 to 500 years old, some are superimposed over paintings believed to be much older, with the most recent believed to have been painted by Comanches who lived in the area from the mid-1700’s until about 1860.  Visitors may only tour the site accompanied by a guide who most likely will be Fred or Kay Campbell, owners of the ranch.  Recent discovery of solar markers indicate the site may have been a spiritual meeting place.  The charge for the tour is $6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children with a minimum tour charge of $15.00  Reservations are suggested.  Paint Rock is a great side trip from San Angelo, Texas.  325-732-4376

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