Petrified Forest National Park Volunteer Training

We have completed our first week of training at Petrified Forest National Park and Painted Desert.  Internet access has not been readily available until now so I am back and from now on should be posting regularly.  We have had 5 days of training and now are in the middle of 3 days off.  The first day of training was a brief orientation, a little bit of paperwork and then we were off for the day in a government vehicle with one other volunteer who is training with us to explore the park.  The second day was in a conference room with the supervisor ranger and 5 staff members including we three volunteers mainly going over rules and regulations.  The third and fourth day consisted of training in the Painted Desert Visitor Center and the fifth day training at the Painted Desert Inn.  As I learn more here at Petrified Forest National Park I will blog in detail about the various features of this park.  We will also be posting lots of pictures and a photo gallery so everyone may see how beautiful  a park this is.

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  1. JJ Loch says:

    OOH, I can’t WAIT to see the pics and hear of your experiences in the Petrified Forest!!!

    Hugs, JJ

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