Petrified Forest National Park

We arrived at Petrified Forest National Park midday on Monday.  We are now settled into our RV spot for the summer and will begin a two week training period on Saturday for our volunteer jobs with the National Park Service.  So that means this whole week is “off” and playtime.  The RV area consists of 6 spots.  4 others are currently occupied but 2 are about to leave.  A cold front has approached Northern Arizona with high winds and gusts of up to 50 mph ahead of the front so we really haven’t explored the park yet.  Our training consists of two weeks of four (8-hour) days orienting to the park with 3 consecutive days off together.  After that we will be on the sked 4 days on/3 days off but only one of us needs to go to work.  I say whoever DOESN’T work needs to have dinner ready at 6PM.  I think that means Bob may work most of the shifts??  Maybe. 

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