Pronghorn Antelope in Texas

Texas Parks & Wildlife biologists have completed a study showing a considerable drop in the population of the Pronghorn Antelope in portions of Jeff Davis and Presidio Counties in West Texas.  The region west of the Pecos River known as the  Trans-Pecos has experienced 7 months of drought and a rare late hard freeze at higher elevations.  These conditions may have resulted in poor physical condition of he animals  contributing to a possible loss of up to 50% of adults as they became more vulnerable to predators.  No signs of disease has been detected.  The Pronghorn Antelope is named for it’s backward curving horns that split to form forward-pointing prongs.  They are generally recognized as the second fastest land mammal in the world, (after the cheetah) able to run long distances at sustained speeds of 40 mph with bursts of up to 60 mph.   They have exceptional eyesight due to the large eyes set on the sides of their heads allowing almost a 360 degree field of vision.

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    Thank you for your comment Robin. We always feel so lucky when we capture these types of images.

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