Questions you should ask your volunteer recruiter

Will I receive housing in exchange for my volunteer hours in the form of an RV pad or dormitory. Does the RV pad have full hook ups. Where is the closest place to buy propane. If dormitory style housing is the bedroom and bath private for the couple or is it a shared bath. Are the common areas fully equipped (as in kitchen for cooking) and shared amongst how many people.Is the housing within walking distance of the place of work.  If I must use my personal vehicle during working hours is mileage reimbursed.What if any are the other reimbursable expenses. (ie:laundry) And where is the closest laundry. Is a daily stipend offered.(generally a small amount per shift worked to help offset expenses such as meals.)If you are a couple will your days off be together. How many days off per week will be given and will they be consecutive.Will I wear a uniform and what do I need to provide for the uniform. (ie: what color, style of pants and shoes.) And on to your personal entertainment needs. Where is the nearest WIFI spot. Will I be able to log on to the office computer to check e-mail. Which cell phone service is the primary provider in the area. (this may help you know if you will be able to get a signal.) Will I have a clear view of the southern sky for my Direct TV Dish. If in dormitory housing is cable TV provided or will I be able to hook up my own dish. How far is the closest shopping. And on to other needs. How far to the closest medical facilities. May I bring my pet(s). Generally this is OK if you are in your own RV but not OK if you are in housing. But do ask as there are exceptions. How far to the closest Vet. Is there a bank or ATM close by. Are pay phones easily accesible.

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