Restaurants of Fort Davis Texas

The Hotel Limpia Dining Room in downtown Fort Davis was originally established in 1884.  It is named after Limpia Creek which winds through the valleys of the Davis Mountain.  It is the most visible restaurant in town and probably the most frequented by locals and tourists alike.  Entrees range from a $9 fresh garden plate to a $24 chargrilled ribeye, with the average entree price running about $14.  There is often an all you can eat buffet on certain nights, for example a fish fry on Friday.  We found the food to be mediocre at best.  We tried their self described most popular entree of roast beef and found it to be nothing more than poorly seasoned pot roast.  The quality of the food depends on how recently the kitchen staff has turned over which seems to be a problem.  On top of that service is extremely slow.  Call ahead for reservations in the summer and on weekends.  Even then you will probably wait at the entrance wondering why you are not seated at an empty already cleared table.  The dining room is open 530p-930p every night but Monday.  They are located at 100 State St.  432-426-3241  Tip:  You may dine at the bar called the Sutler’s Club and also order a drink if you like.  It is upstairs in the hotel and as a private club will charge you $3 for a 3 day membership.  Next, one of our favorite places to hang out in downtown Fort Davis has been the Fort Davis Drugstore.  An old fashioned soda fountain dominates the interior, booths are available if you wish to sit down for lunch.  Sadly we have learned that they are temporarily closed while awaiting new ownership.  Another choice for lunch is Nel’s Coffee Shop near downtown and open daily from 10AM-4PM.  They feature a lunch buffet, sandwiches and homemade soup.  432-426-3722  If you crave Mexican, Cueva de Leon specialzes in Mexican food.  Arrive early on Friday night for their all you can eat Mexican buffet.  They are open 1130AM-3PM and 5PM-9PM, closed Sunday.  Located next to the Exxon Station on Hwy 17.  Tip:  You may BYOB.  432-426-3801  And finally, The Chuck Wagon features what they refer to as contemporary western cuisine including burgers, bbq, grilled chicken, salads and steaks.  They are open daily from 7AM-9PM and located across from the entrance to Fort Davis National Historic Site.  432-426-2900

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