St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Dallas Texas

The 30th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade steps out at the corner of Greenville Ave and University Blvd in Dallas Texas at 11AM on Saturday March 14, 2009.  The parade route covers 2 miles down to Yale Blvd.  Floats decked out in green to honor this most Irish of days pass by with loud music and lots of mardi gras beads for the crowd.  Competition is keen for the greenest, the most fun for kids and the most Irish animal.  Arrive early for your spot along the parade route as folks are known to stake out their spot as early as 8AM, green beer in hand.  An After Party Concert will be held from 1PM-7PM at Energy Square featuring music by The Old 97’s.  The concert is a 21 years of age and up event.  Tickets to the concert are $12 per person.  The parade is free.

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