Stay Connected to your Texas State Parks

Keep up to date with all the news you need.  Go to   Texas Parks and Wildlife and sign up for a the free newsletter ‘State Parks Getaways’ that will be delivered periodically to your in-box.  You may also sign up for e-mail updates on certain subjects of interest to you.  Choose from a variety of topics that range from  fishing, camping, hiking, boating, wildlife, caving, climbing as well as horse, camel and llama outings.  There is a kids’ corner as well.  You may even sign up to be notified of current job vacancy postings.  Texas Parks and Wildlife also hosts a weekly half hour program on PBS (Public Service Broadcasting) throughout the state and in selected markets throughout the country.  You may also listen to a radio show weekdays and subscribe to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine or read it on-line.

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