Texas Big Bass in March 2009

The current record for a big bass caught in Texas in-land waters is the 1992 catch of an 18.18 pounder.  This year several lunkers have been entered in to the Share Lunker Program.  Just during the month of March 2009 (which is typically the best month for snagging the big ones) Caddo Lake produced at 15.1 lb on March 02, Somerville a 13.6 lb on March 04, Lake Fork a 14.68 lb on March 07, also at lake Fork a 13.28 lb on March 14, Choke Canyon Reservoir a 15.27 lb on March 14 and again at Lake Fork a 14.43 lb on March 16.   The majority of big fish caught in any given year come from Lake Fork.  In the 1960’s and 1970’s as the population in Texas exploded new reservoirs were built to meet the water demands of the growing populace.  The native species of bass up to that time had adapted to live in Texas streams.  The only natural lake in the state was Caddo.  Over the next several years bass from Florida, California and Cuba were brought to Texas to improve the genetics of the bass population.

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