Texas Wildfires in the Texas State Parks

The devastating wildfires in Texas burned through Bastrop State Park, just 30 miles southeast of Austin, leaving only 100 of the 6,000 acres in the state park untouched. Bastrop State Park is known for it’s Lost Pines habitat, an isolated forest of Lobolly pines resembling East Texas, and as the habitat of the endangered Houston toad. Damage reports will follow. Nearby Buescher State Park is closed but remains unharmed as of this date. Other Texas State Parks in the area including Palmetto State Park and Monument Hill State Historic Site remain open at this time. Earlier this summer, Possum Kingdom State Park, just 1 hour west of the Dallas/Forth Worth metroplex was devastated by fire. Only 200 of the 1,500 acres in the park were spared.

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