The Application

A volunteer application is similar to any job application. You want to shine! The National Park Service application can be filled out and submitted on their website Each volunteer job posting will have a link to their application. All are basic format of name, address and contact information and what type of volunteer work you are interested in. Answer the question “What qualifications/skills/expereience/education do you have that you would like to use in your volunteer work?” with key points from your previous paid jobs or key words that relate to your hobbies, such as photography, writing, backpacking etc. The next question then will ask “What type of volunteer work would you like to do?” Answers should relate to the previous question such as photograph rangers at work, write the volunteer newsletter or roam the back country trails. Think carefully when you answer “What are some of your objectives for working as a volunteer?” Be creative and go beyond the standard “I want to help people” or “I want to meet people.” Take a moment and examine why your really are applying for a volunteer position.  Tip:  There will be an application deadline.  Don’t miss it!

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