The First Aid Kit

You should always travel with one customized for you.  First pack into the kit your personal medications and copies of your prescriptions (including eyeglasses) include over the counter pain reliever (tylenol, advil, aspirin) antacid (pepcid, alka seltzer) anti-diarrheal (pepto bismol, imodium) antibiotic cream (neosporin) band aids, gauze, first aid tape, blister treatment (moleskin) alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, scissors and tweezers, thermometer, anti itch (hydrocortisone cream,) saline (sterile eye wash) allergy medicine (your prescription or over the counter such as claritin or benadryl) and over the counter cold medicine.  Don’t forget protective gloves (disposable latex) and throw in a roll of duct tape.  It improvises just when you are out of other options!

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