The Hammerfest Race 2009, Fort Davis Texas

The Hammerfest Race on Saturday April 4th, 2009 and Sunday April 5th, 2009 is a Texas Cup State Division Race held in Fort Davis, Texas.  Some of the best road racing in the Southwest will take place over these two days in the Alps of Texas, the Davis Mountains.  Saturday morning at 8AM cyclists will mount for a 16 mile race to the top of Mt Locke.  The first 10 miles are a warm up to the final 6 miles of real climbing on grades up to 17 per cent.  In the afternoon on Saturday stage 2 is a flat 16 mile out and back time trial.  On Sunday the major action takes place with stage 3, the “scenic loop” race.  Cyclists will start at the Prude Ranch and climb numerous times steeply to heights of 5,000 to 6.500 feet on the 74 mile route.  Other races will cover a 56 mile route, a 34 mile route and a 16 mile route.  Registration or pre-registration deadline is by April 01, 2009.  Cash prizes and trophies valuing $6,600 will be awarded.  Sponsors are Peyton’s Bikes and Permian Basin Bicycle Association out of Midland, Texas.

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