Study the posting

Notice the start date and end date for the job. Often the dates can be flexible if you ask. Notice the time commitment required. Most jobs require a 2 or 3 month commitment and this is usually not negotiable. Notice amount of hours per week required. 32 hours split between the couple is common or 16-24 hours for a single. This is not normally negotiable either. Study closely the sections on suitability and difficulty. Know your personal limitations. Suitability for families may not be appropriate if you have young children and for retirees difficulties may arise if you are in a remote area far from medical services and shopping.Difficulty of the position may be listed as “not difficult,” “average” or “strenuous.” These descriptions are subjective on the part of the supervisor posting the job. Not difficult may turn to strenuous for you if hiking trails is required and you have in mind sitting behind the information desk. Conversely strenuous may be not difficult in your case if you are in good physical shape and enjoy challenges. The description of the job will lead you personally to a decision on your suitability. Watch for key phrases such as “lead interpretive walks” and “park orientation” which is probably a physical exploration.

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