The Wave

Also known as North Coyote Buttes this hike is internationally famous.  Travelers from all over the world come to Southern Utah just to take this hike.  You must have a permit to hike to the Wave.  When my husband and I volunteered with the National Park Service in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area last summer this was one of the most frequently asked questions.  “What do I need to do to hike the Wave?”  First you need a permit.  The highly sought after permits are only $5 per person.  The trick is securing one.  You may apply online 3 months before your trip.  The chances of receiving a permit for the popular Spring and Fall hiking seasons are only 10%.  The other option is a walk-in permit.  You must go in person at 9AM to the Paria Ranger Station (located on Highway 89 half way between Page Arizona and Kanab Utah or 30 miles from Page Arizona.  You will be entering the lottery drawing for a  permit to hike the following day.  Due to the fragile and delicate nature of the geographic features permits are limited to 10 people per day.   One person per group submits his name to the lottery for permits for all of the hikers in that group. (limit 6 hikers per group,)  Only 20 permits total will be issued for North Coyote Buttes.  10 with the on-line lottery and the additional 10 at the ranger station.  Or you can show up at the Paria Ranger Station the same day that you want to hike and if the 10 permits were not given out the day before, which is unlikely, you may receive one for that day.  We did not take this hike because we had our three BWD’s with us for the summer.  Those of you who have BWD’s know what I’m talking about.  For those of you who don’t they are the Big White Dogs (Great Pyrenees.)  If you are lucky enough to be awarded a permit you may pay $5 for your dog’s permit and he may go with you.  Be careful in the warmer months as the sand and slick rock radiate a tremendous amount of heat.  You must bring water both for yourselves and your dog and pack out all waste both human and canine.   Note:  If any of you have hiked North Coyote Buttes to the Wave please leave me a comment I would love to hear about it.  If you want to do this hike and have questions please ask!  If I don’t know the answer I can probably find it out!  Happy Hiking!

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