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The Lone Star Travelers have been exploring the great state of Texas, and will be returning to the webisphere with some great Texas Travel stories, but in the mean time I’m here to bring to you a few Travel Tips you can use while doing your own adventures – whether in Texas or Beyond!

Travel Tip #1: Bring a Map!
Always – always bring a map of your destination – be it a hike, a city, or a town.  This may seem obvious, but this can be so obvious that it is often overlooked!  You will never regret having a map with you when you’re in the middle of a hike, you’re tired, a thunderstorm is coming and you’ve reached a trail juncture…where do you turn?  Or you’re in a city, it’s late at night and you’re trying to find a campsite. Go prepared, get your map beforehand! Simple easy tip that is often overlooked!

Travel Tip #2: You can never have too much water

Whether you’re traveling by RV, going on a plane ride somewhere, or backpacking somewhere you will never go wrong by bringing extra water. Water in your destination can sometimes be unpottable, smell like sulphur, or just plain hard to find! Don’t worry about bringing sodas, juices, or teas…just stick with the basics if space is at a premium – plane old water!

Travel Tip #3: Know how to change a tire

This is an important tip in particular if you are going car-camping. Someone in your car must know how to change a tire – there is nothing worse than being stranded on the side of the road when you’re far from home!

Travel Tip #4: Bring something to read!

This is a good tip especially if you’re traveling by plane. You will have alot of waiting time and what’s worse than staring at the walls? Bring a small novel or book – or even that magazine you’ve been wanting to take a look at!

Travel Tip #5: Make a list of things you need to pack

I’m often up late packing before a trip, walking around in circles, trying to figure out what I’m missing. The simplest solution to this which really truly does save on time is a list. Simple and effective. It’s best to make your list at least a week before you leave so you have time to reflect and remember everything you might forget!

Travel Tip #6: Don’t forget to water your plants before you leave!
OK, this is really a pre-travel tip, but is one that can easily be forgotten if you’re scrambling to do everything else before your trip. If you’re going on an extended vacation, put a plastic bag over the plant to help it retain moisture!

Travel Tip #7: Bring a headlamp
Headlamps may not be the most stylish, but they are SUPER convenient and you won’t regret having light at night!

Travel Tip #8: Put on suntan-lotion whether or not it’s a cloudy day
So you’re headed out to explore the new city – doesn’t matter if it’s overcast or about to rain – wear sunscreen! You don’t want to spend your trip in pain because the weather miraculously cleared up and you got burned!

Travel Tip #9: Always bring a light jacket
I recently traveled somewhere in the middle of summer – the weather was supposed to be 100+ at the destination – but a rain storm brought cold weather at night. Nothing worse than sitting outside shivering because you weren’t prepared! Invest in something lightweight that doesn’t take up a lot of room! You never know when you’ll need it!

Travel Tip #10: Don’t forget to have fun.

Traveling can be stressful, but don’t forget to just enjoy the journey!!

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